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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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spbs 10 now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a steeple scare. pa riggserers were inside a church in northeast philadelphia when the steeple flew off during this morning's heavy winds. the winds are dying down but the dangerous cold is only getting worse. let's get to nbc 10 meteorologist brittany ship with the first alert forecast. we could be breaking records with the cold. >> it will be a very cold oh commute tomorrow morning. here is a closer look at the wind chills. feels like zero degrees in philadelphia. the official high is 21. it feels like negative 8 in potstown. four below in allentown. 24 below for the poconos. into the rest of the evening, we are still going to be dealing with negative wind chills. as we head into the overnight
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hours it will feel like anywhere between negative 33 to negative 17 in philadelphia. this have, our actual temperatures will get down be low zero as well. tonight into the overnight hours for the poconos, negative 9. three below zero for allentownment zero for northeast philly. closer to the shore in the single digits. only 7 degrees the overnight low for cape may. down to 6 degrees. closer to the philadelphia area zero degrees in philly. negative one in glassboro. the record is 2 degrees set in 1888. we are watching to the see if we'll break that record into our early morning hours tomorrow. the next thing is monday night headed into tuesday, more snow on the way. i will go over the details in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> scarry moments for parishioners inside a northeast philadelphia church as the steeple came down during this
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morning's service. doug shymel is live where crews have started to clean up the damage. doug? >> reporter: the steeple company just finished putting all the splintered pieces of the section back in the alley when all of this came crashing down around 10:00 the church was in the middle of the service. parishioners couldn't hear the collapse. they only knew something happened when a lieutenant from the fire department came in and said you need to evacuate. when they got out thaw realized how fortunate they were. they know usually it's a crowded bus stop here. >> normally we have with many people on the steps of the church waiting for the buses to. coand go. the lord didn't let one person there. so god was so gracious and merciful to spare them and spare
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anyone. >> reporter: the licenses and inspection came out and determined it was, in fact wind that caused this steeple to come down. so the church says they have to start dealing with the insurance kpan to figure out just how much money they will get and will they be able to afford to replace this. the steeple is sort of an icon and a landmark in the neighborhood. a lot of the neighbors said it would not be the same without something of that stature. more coming up up at 11:00. >> a delaware county family got a scare overnight. a tree crashed into their new town square home leaving behind a great deal of damage. as nbc 10's jesse gary report ares amazingly, no one was hurt. >> opening the door last night i thought i was going to find someone dead. >> reporter: death didn't invade dennis star's daughter's house. instead this morning a falling tree transformed the new town
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square two-story ranch into a split level. >> my son-in-law said the kids were okay. i could hear everyone screaming. >> reporter: jessica quigley was pinned by a coffee table while holding noel. firefighters freed her. tim my survived in a safe space next to where the fallen timber lay. his dad begged out of watching this movie and went to bed. >> had i not been on the bed i would have been on the couch probably where the tree fell and been crushed. >> reporter: the cause of the problem is easy to see. the roots of the old oak are rotted out. it took a good gust of wind and down it came. >> it looks like a bomb went off. >> reporter: a falling tree just missed the house years ago. but now the direct hit equals a total loss. they need to gather what can be salvaged and move in with family. everyone thankful it resulted in a swing and a miss and a story
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for the ages. >> one thing changes and we may not all be alive sthrks i'm jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> residents are back in their apartments after strong winds caused a tree to fall on their building today. it happened at the falls apartment complex. one of the branches poked through into the apartment on the top floor. the neighbor who lived below the unit described what happened. >> i heard a loud cracking foiz and a big boom. something fell from the roof. it was the whole tree over the roof. >> reporter: grartds say the building is still safe. no one was hurt. the shovels were out as people cleaned up from yesterday's winter weather. being outside in this bitter cold can become dangerous. nbc 10's monique braxton spoke about what to do if you have to venture outside. she joins us live from philadelphia.
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monique? >> reporter: we came here to the hospital to check if like other hospitals, there were cases of frostbite. we found there were none across the city. i can tell you seconds after stepping outside you feel winter's grip against your face or any part of your body that's exposed. >> it's too cold to go outside. but winter boots, gloves hats. lots of hot drinks. >> i liveded in canada for 22 years. this isn't cold. it was minus 42 celsius there. >> reporter: most aren't feeling the love this valentine's weekend. if you noticed your body shaking or you feel giddy and confused dr. robert howard says the frigid air is affecting your body and you must act quickly. >> the extremities are important with gloves good boots. the skin about your face will be exposed to. when you get to below zero wind
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chills you are at risk for frostbite. >> reporter: dr. howard says you should protect your core -- your heart, by layering up. we stopped by the rei store for a demonstration of how best to keep your body warm. the first thing we learneded is cotton against your skin is a no-no. if you sweat, cotton holds moisture in. >> wool will keep you warm even when wet and synthetic materials will keep you rp warm even when they are wet. >> reporter: we also learned it's not just important to layer. you must also have a jacket like we are wearing that will shield you or cut off the wind factor. we talked to the doctor about people who are especially at risk when temperatures are extreme like they are now. we were told the elderly the very young or anyone sick should stay inside during the bitterer cold days. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> don't forget to use the nbc 10 app to get the latest weather
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information on your smart phone orb tablet. before you head the work tomorrow kek in with the morning team for weather updates. they are on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. still ahead at 6:00 how to keep yourer car running in the cold. aaa shows us one of the big problems that could keep it from starting. plus a deadly crash kills two teenagers in chester county. tonight we learned new information about the victim.
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new information on a deadly crash in chester county. nbc 10 confirmed that a brother and sister were killed when a pickup truck hit the minivan they were in last night. it happened on route 100 at ship road. the teenage is victims have been
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identified as miles and charlotte hannigan. the pickup truck driver was with charged in the crash. they haven't released other details. the snow has stopped but driving was difficult on the roads like this one in wuks county. snow covered the street and the wind was blowing it right into drivers' windows. this cold isn't just tough on our bodies. it is also tough on your car. single digit temperatures means dead batteries. and other problems. officials say during the extended cold about 30% of calls are battery-related. when temperatures hit zero degrees a car's battery loses 60% of its strength. their best advice if the battery is more than three years old, get it checked. >> take matters into getting your battery serviced before problems arise. that's the best advice. just do winter maintenance on the car. everything will be fine. >> experts say along with the battery, now is a good time to check your tire pressure.
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if you thought today was cold just wait until we head into our overnight hours tonight. amtrak in record cold and what it means for your monday morning commute coming up in the full forecast. >> plus it's a who's who of hollywood. they have all come together to celebrate saturday night live. we will go to the red carpet for a preview of tonight's 40th anniversary special.
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for the past 40 years "saturday night live" has been a staple of oh pop culture. tonight dozens of former cast members, hosts and musical guests converge in new york to celebrate the special anniversary. mark barger joins us live from the red carpet outside 30 rock in new york city. >> reporter: we are live on the red carpet here outside of 30 rock. joining me a very familiar face.
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will ferrell. what does it mean to you tonight? >> i'm so confused right now. i thought it was the premiere of kwoez"fifty shades of grey".".""." >> reporter: this is much more exciting. >> oh, this is the snl thing. this is a big deal, too. >> reporter: how much fun will it be tonight? >> fantastic. very surreal. but a wonderful three and a half hours of television. >> reporter: what does it mean to you to be a part of it? >> it goes without saying. i wouldn't have had a career without soez"saturday night live," without lorne michaels seeing me at an audition and for whatever reason figuring out i could do this. so i owe everything to this place. it's great to be back to see old cast mates, writers, friends, everyone. >> reporter: enjoy the show. >> thank you. i will. >> reporter: we are live at the red carpet. back to you. >> all right.
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thank you, mark. and will ferrell. after tonight's especial stick around for nbc news at 11:30. bill henley will make a special appearance. then stick around throughout the night to give you a behind-the-scenes look at nbc 10. look for posts on their facebook and twitter pages and on nbc 10. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittany ship. >> it was a cold day. into tonight we are tracking the possibility of oh record are-breaking cold. that will set us upper for a very cold commute tomorrow morning and a cold monday as well. we are dealing with dangerous wind chills tonight, heading into tomorrowment then the possibility of more snow monday night into tuesday. so our first alert is going to stay in effect at least through tuesday. the reason why is we are dealing with the with record cold overnight tonight, heading into tomorrow. wind chill withes still between negative 20 to negative 30. then the snowfall monday night.
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overnight hours into tuesday. so that will affect your tuesday morning commute. for philadelphia you can see now the camera is still shaking. we are seeing wind gusts up to 24 miles per hour. wind speeds prosecute the west at 15 miles per hour. the ak a wall temperature is 15. with the wind chill it feels like zero degrees out. that will be the trend as we head into the rest of tonight. although the wind speeds will ub subside a little bit, the wind chill will be between negative 20 and negative 30. now we are at negative 2 actual temperature in the poconos. temperature of 1 is 1 degrees. 13 in wilmington and closer to the single digits. we head into the rest of tonight. a closer look at the satellite radar shows quiet conditions to get the best cooling we need clear skies, calm winds. we have fresh snow. we are going to see more clearing. that will contribute to how cold we are going to get. we are going to continue to see the cold arctic air from the
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northwest. our future one speed into tomorrow morning. breezy up to 25 miles per hour for our wind gusts. up to 22 in philadelphia. 32 in atlantic city. 27 in tom's river into the rest of the afternoon we'll see the wind speeds dying down. it will be a coldle day as you head into monday. as far as tonight is concerned, dealing with dangerously cold wind chills. anywhere between negative 25 to negative 20 degrees. our actual temperature for the poconos gets to negative 9. negative 3 in quaker town and redding. northeast philadelphia down to zero tonight. closer to the shore in the single digits. 4 degrees in atlantic city. temperatures in cape may at 7. closer to the philadelphia area the record is 2 degrees set back in 1888. were calling for a low of oh ste ro degrees. we are going to keep a close watch to see if we make a new record this year. the wind chill alert, advisory and warning in effect mainly for the poconos.
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you can see how cold it will feel into tomorrow morning. by 5:00 a.m. it feels like negative 32 degrees in the poconos. it feels like 17 degrees below zero in philadelphia. this is as you are getting ready to head to work. maybe you have the day off. that will be good. if you do, stay inside. these will be dangerously cold conditions. as we head into the rest of the afternoon it's still going to feel like 12 degrees for philadelphia. 11 degrees in trenton. 7 degrees in allen town. our actual temperatures will be warmer than that. still staying in the teens. headed into tonight we expect clearing skies, icy spots from left over snow. temperatures in the suburbs down to negative 3. zero for philadelphia. as we head into tomorrow cold. sunny and breezy wlt wind chills lasting throughout most of the morning between negative 25 and negative 20. the actual temperature will be between 16 and 20 degrees. then your seven-day forecast shows we are going to see the possibility of snow moving in
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overnight monday headed into tuesday. our temperatures at 28 degrees. it will be a cold day as we head into tuesday. we recover on wednesday, 32. thursday and friday, another cold blast of air drops the daytime highs down to 20 and 17 degrees. then we wait for more snow possibly headed into next weekend. >> man that forecast. i'm from comcast sports net. coming up after a painful overtime loss on friday fliers head coach craig ruby called out star players. will he split up the top line in buffalo? that is next. >> tonight after the "saturday night live" 40th anniversary special, we'll be here for a special edition of nbc 10 news. >> if you thought it was cold this weekend it's about to get worse. >> a good night to stay in and watch with tv. arctic cold on the way. record cold monday morning. >> after the newscast behind the scenes at nbc 10 throughout the night on our social media pages. >> tune in to the snl special at
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8:00 followed by tracy, bill and me at 11:30 on nbc 10.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> after criticizing the top line of gioroux and schenn following the overtime loss in columbus the fliers head coach will keep them together in buffalo. it's on nbc sports network at 7:30. he could have replaced schenn with michael raffle who played on the top line most of the season. he returns after missing seven games with pneumonia. the fliers are seven points out of the last playoff spot in the eastern conference. there are no sixers players in the all-star game tonight but
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there will be philadelphia flavor. kyle lowry will be the first product of philadelphia's catholic league to start his nba all-star game since paul airzen. he's averaging 18.6 points and over seven assists per game. >> st. joe visiting fordham. phil martelli's grandson. remember him last year ? in a shirt and tie. it wasn't meant to be manziel thomas. hawks are are now 11-13 this seasonment a shout out to the pe this n baseball team showing what it means to give back to the community. yesterday, players shaved their heads to raise money for children's hospital of philadelphia and for national childhood cancer re search. last year the team raised 10,000
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bucks. a great cause. that's sports. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins!
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cold out there, down right painful. >> at least a lot of people have the day off so they can stay in and under the covers because they immediate to do so. record cold tomorrow. possibly the record was 2 degrees the overnight low should get down to zero. as we head into tomorrow only 20 degrees. then we track snow overnight monday. headed into tuesday. it's been active. >> all right. thanks brittany. keep warm. nbc nightly news is next followed by the seasonal red carpet -- snl red carpet and 40th anniversary special. then join us for nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, triple threat. heavy snow 60 mile an hour wind gusts and temperatures that will feel like 25 below. in new england, roofs collapsing from the weight of all that snow. and word that yet another system is on its way. behind the attacks, police shoot and kill a terror suspect they believe is responsible for two deadly attacks. was it part of a wider plot? tonight the hunt for answers. flight plan. the faa proposes new rules to finally open the skies up for commercial use of drones. who will be able to fly them and where? and, second summit. three years after coaching legend pat summit retired because of alzheimer's, another summit steps on


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